Tips to Save Your Battery Life

For your information, let us tell you that there can be many reasons for the battery of the phone to burst. In this, your negligence comes on the first number. If you feel that the battery of the phone is getting hot, then it should not be used. However, people still keep running the phone continuously, which is a big risk to your life. Know what are the reasons for the battery blast …

1. Over-charging the phone

The most common reason for a phone burst is overcharging. If you put your phone on charge and leave it for hours, or if you sleep during the night by keeping the phone on charging, do not ever do so. Apart from this, apart from charging the mobile, one should not make calls from it. In this case, there is a risk of the battery becoming overheated.

2. Never charge the phone with the wrong charger

You know, using the wrong charger can also be dangerous. You should note that if you use any local or another charger for your phone, it can prove to be very dangerous. So charge your phone only with the original charger of the brand.

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3. Do not use locker batteries

Note that if you are using an inexpensive local battery in your phone, then it will heat up quickly and the chances of the battery getting inflated will also increase. In such a situation, the phone can be blasted.

4. Lithium-ion is also dangerous

You must have seen Li-ion written on the battery. This means the battery is made of Lithium-Ion. Due to this, it is light and there may be a short circuit in the battery if it falls from a height. In such a situation, the chances of bursting the phone are increased.

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