Raj Shamani Startup story

Raj Shamani

The 24-year-old sold house-to-house soap, today he is the owner of a company with a turnover of 200 crores

Financial difficulties in the family pushed Raj Shamani into the business at the age of 16. He now runs Shamani Industries and is also a public speaker and business content creator on Instagram.

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Raj Shamani was 16 when his father had a diabetes attack and his business began to slow down. The financial condition of the family was such that it became difficult to meet day-to-day needs and health-related expenses. In such a situation, Raj had no choice but to help his family in any way. But it was not so easy.

Since childhood, Raj had a speaking problem and was not so good academically. It was difficult for him to study hard to get a job. Raj’s father traded chemical, which is used to make soaps and detergents. Raj had the best choice than to make and sell soap.

The 24-year-old Raj is today one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India with a turnover of Rs 200 crore. He began with making soap at home in two buckets at once and selling them. Raj is also a good speaker and a business content creator on money and branding matters.

He spoke openly to YourStory about his journey so far.

Small start

Raj Shamani

Raj’s grandfather, father, and uncle came to Indore from Rajasthan in the early 1980s in search of work. He recalls a time when his family was going through a difficult time, his father’s only income being from selling coconuts on the streets.

After some time, Raj’s grandfather and uncle started working in a soap factory while his father sold him in the market. Eventually, he decided to make soap at home. He made contacts in the business and knew where to buy goods from. In 1990, Raj’s father launched Jadugar, a dishwasher brand. Gradually, the family became financially stable.

Says Raj, “My parents went through a lot of trouble but as the business grew, the family’s situation improved. By 2003, we had our own house and my father started a chemical trading business along with supplying soap makers in the country. “

However, business was adversely affected in the 2008 recession. In 2013, his diabetes attack plunged a mountain of troubles on the family, while his father was still trying to cope with the trying circumstances. It was time for Raj to fulfill his financial responsibilities.

He says, “I did not have an inclination towards education and was a speech problem.” Studying hard to get a job was out of the question. I had just one option: to financially support my family. The only way I could do that was to start a business. “

Raj decided to venture into the same industry that his father had. He borrowed Rs 10,000 from his father and bought the raw material. The other thing he did was help the internet.

“I watched and applied several YouTube videos to understand the soap-making process. I enlisted the help of my father on how to make foam and balance pH levels, among other things,” says Raj.

A little research on market trends has shown that liquid-based soap was an emerging category in Indore, with Vim and Pril being the major brands. He decided to focus on making a liquid dishwasher.

He says, “The price of Vim and Prill was Rs 110 for 500 ml; My product was priced at Rs 45 on this quantity. I have not compromised on quality. “

Raj approached families and grocery stores in the surrounding areas and showed them himself, taking his products. After some time, he launched a product called Jadugar Drop in 2013.

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