New mode for PUBG players will come from June 1, know details

New mode for PUBG players will come from June 1, know details

PUBG Mobile is soon to release a new Jungle game-play mode for its players and this update may rollout from 1 June. The company has announced this with an official Twitter handle. This game-play mode has been introduced before PUBG Mobile Season 13. Recently players have also received Miramar Map. Players will now get a chance to play jungle mode on this map. This mode has been teased by the company under the name of Mysterious Jungle Mode. In the promo image, two players can be seen looking at the Sanhok map. The teaser also shows that the new model will be available exclusively on the Sanhok map.

Recently, a promo video of Royale Pass Season 13 was teased by PUBG Mobile. Jungle Adventure Mode was teased in this promo video. With this new mode, players can be given hot air balloon with the help of which players will be able to serve the battlefield. In addition, totems can also be introduced in this new model that will supply in-game supplies to players.

Recently 0.18.0 update was released for PUBG Mobile in which players can play on Miramar Map. It includes landscape, housing areas, roads, and resources as well as the experience of the dust storms. Cheer Park is also available in the update, which is a social area inside the game, where 20 players can interact together in real-time.

The 0.18.0 update for the game also includes the new Mad Miramar map with Oasis on its northern side and Urban Ruins on its northwestern edge. Along with this map, a new race track has also been given which runs on the entire map. In addition, players also receive a Golden Mirado vehicle that comes with a spawn. Apart from this, it also offers vending machines, Sandstrom effects, new achievements, and rewards. Players can experience some interesting game-play in the new Mysterious Jungle Mode.

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