'Money Heist' Season 5: Netflix Renewal Status Review

Review: Money Heist

Review: Money Heist

First episode date: 2 May 2017
Language: Spanish | Russian | Serbian | English
Creator: Álex Pina
Cast: Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño, Esther Acebo, MORE
OTT: Netflix

While Coronavirus has shut down everything around the world, Netflix has released the fourth part of Money Heist for your entertainment on April 3 across the world. Money Heist is a Spanish television show based on a crime and drama, the first episode of Money Heist was shown on Antena 3 (Spanish TV Channel) in 2017. Netflix then purchased the rights to the show and released it worldwide. So far, 4 seasons and 31 episodes of Money Heist have been made and according to the news, seasons 5 and 6 of Money Heist will be launched in 2021.

These days you will be hearing the name of the web series Money Heist a lot. Netflix web series Money Heist is one of the world’s wild most popular crime web series. The fourth part of this series has recently been released on Netflix. This Spanish series is also with English audio on Netflix.


Now that the series is so popular, it makes sense to know how the money heist is

Money Heist is a Spanish web series:

Money Hitch is not an English web series. It is a Spanish web series, with a Spanish name ‘La casa de Papel’. The word means Hindi, the house where the paper is printed. In English, the house of paper. It was not produced for Netflix. It was first produced for the Spanish television channel. This was an effort that had not taken place on Spanish television before. A recent documentary on Netflix reported that it was initially a success. But after that, the graph started falling. In the second season, the series went on air. It was a real success when it aired on Netflix. Its episodes timing was reduced on Netflix.

Who is the professor:

The story of Money Heist is woven around a professor. A well-educated man commits robbery to protest against the state. This is a dogmatic looter. This character became very famous all over the world. The character is played by actor Álvaro Morte. According to the news, the cost of this series took more than two months. In such a situation, the role of Professor was first offered to the second famous Spanish actor. But he was busy with his films. After this, Álvaro with less TV experience was given a chance.


Heist means robbery and this series is based on the Royal Mint of Spain’s dacoity. In this series, with a master plan, people from the criminal background plan the dacoity, which is the biggest robbery in history. There is one person who collects all the Robbers and forms their team, which is called by all these professors. The professor forms a team of these people from different stolen backgrounds and trains them for 6 months, after which all the robbers dacoit in this Royal Mint. The process of planning is shown in the first season of the web series. With this, the first season helps you understand each dacoit. The professor calls his entire team by the names of cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, Rio.


The most important thing in this series is the writing and acting of the actors, this level of writing is amazing in the sentence. The character of the professor and his team is written very closely. Every move of the professor stops your breath. Many times you are forced to think whether someone real can be so clever. The series does not appear boring anywhere. The twist is hidden from a small button to the capture of characters. Just say that if the series is not meaningless then it will not be wrong.

Acting and Direction:

The series is produced by Alex Pina, who is a Spanish TV writer and producer. The series features famous Spanish actors such as Spanish actors Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Pedro Alonso, and Jaime Lorente. Apart from this, there are many other actors who have played an important role in the series and have given an amazing performance. Jaime Lorente also did the series Elite after Money Highest which proved to be a hit series just like this series.

Although all the characters in Money Heist are amazing the character of the professor is being liked the most, actor Ayushman Khurana also tweeted that he wanted to play the role of professor. Ayushmann Khurrana expressed his desire to play a professor-like character while playing Bela Chao. At the same time, Professor Look of Karthik Aryan is also becoming very viral.

What is Bella Chao:

The song of this web series Bela Chao also became famous all over the world. It was also used during many protests in India. Actually, this is not the original Netflix song. It is Italian folklore. The 19th century became famous in Italy. The women working in the field used to sing this song. Later during the Italian Civil War between 1943 and 1945, the song underwent some changes and became a song of revolution. It was used in protest. This was followed by several versions of this song. However, it became famous worldwide in the year 2017, when the song returned to Money High.

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