The one you understand is Made in India, that is Made in Pakistan

Mitron App: The one you understand is Made in India, that is Made in Pakistan!

There was a lot of uproar against TikTok in India, after which people started deleting this Chinese app and meanwhile started downloading a viral app called Mitron. The Mitron app was widely circulated in the name of Made in India and was seen by over 50 lakh people. You will be surprised to know that the friend’s app which you are downloading after considering it as Made in India, is not really from India.

The Mitron App app has been purchased from Pakistani software developer Qboxus, but what was being claimed was that the app was developed by Shivank Agarwal, a student at IIT, Roorkee. Let me tell you that the real name of the friend’s app is TicTic app, which has been prepared by Qboxus, the company of Irfan Sheikh of Pakistan.

Source code of the app sold for that much money

Irfan Shaikh sold the source code of this app for 34 dollars i.e. around Rs 2,500. Sheikh said that his company sells the source code, after which buyers customize it. Their main business is to make clones of famous apps and sell them at cheap prices. They help small startups that have a low budget. So far they have sold 277 copies of the tick app. He further said that we have no problem with what the developer has done. They pay and use the script, it is okay to do so.

Mitron name was kept in the place of TikTok

Irrfan Sheikh has said that people are calling it an Indian-made app, but this is not true especially when they have not made any changes in this app. Sheikh says that a buyer of the tick has simply rebranded the Friends app. You can also test them by asking your technical team to download both apps. Now the problem is not that the developer is from Pakistan, the problem is that this app has been promoted in the name of Made in India. There was no change in this Pakistani tick app. Only the tick has been named friends.

Blank link being shown on the privacy policy

If you go to the Google Play Store and click on the privacy policy of the friend’s app, then you will be taken to the shop the link but this link is blank. This means that there is no privacy policy of friends app. Who bought the Friends app in India and who has published it on the Google Play store, it is still a secret.

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