Reliance Jio introduced Jio TV+ how Jio its service works

At its 43rd AGM organized today by Reliance Jio, Jio TV +, a content curation platform for all Jio set-top box users, has been announced. The platform provides ease of searching for OTT content and is a sign-on for 12 global OTT apps. Apart from traditional search, you also get voice search in Jio TV +, which can understand the content, meaning you are also getting voice commands in it. It is able to search for content based on actors, directors, genres, producers, and even moods, it can say that or it can easily search for such content as well. Possibly the biggest feature of this is that it can also be said that all these global 12 OTT platforms including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Voot, Sony LIV, Zee5, Lionsgate Play, JioCinema, Shemaroo, JioSaavn, YouTube, and Eros Now But provides single sign-on support.

The new Jio TV + platform’s single sign-in process reduces your problem considerably and is also able to reduce your burden to a great extent. The burden we are talking about is different sign-on different apps. There is a problem of entering, in these you need to log in separately, but through this new app, this problem is also overcome. This single-click process allows users to search for content from different apps in an intuitive and easy way, without having to log in to different apps every time. This single-click process applies only to the 12 OTT apps mentioned above.

In addition, with Jio TV +, Jio has made the search for content much easier, with the top menus being separated into sections such as movies, shows, live TV, kids, and music. Voice search provides you with better relevant search data with movies, songs, videos, music videos, and trailers from every app integrated into one screen. As mentioned, voice search is capable of searching on actors, directors, genres, producers, and even moods.

Jio TV + also provides the live television channels majority and has a host of interactive features for users to join. For example, users can participate in voting, ie voting, to vote for their favorite contestants in reality shows. The results are displayed on screen in real-time with a percentage comparison of every other vote coming across India. Similar interactive facilities are also available on news channels and music competitions. “We believe that TV or two-way communication is the future of congestion,” says Akash Ambani.

The Jio App Store is also available through the Jio set-top box that provides access to various apps across multiple genres such as entertainment, education, health, yoga, religion, news, travel and life, and many more. Mukesh Ambani in his 43rd AGM has also invited developers to create applications for the Jio App Store through the Jio Developers program. These developers can build their apps on the Jio App Store, launch them, and also monetize them on the Jio App Store.

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