Delhi ready to run in lockdown 4.0, Chief Minister introduced formula

Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Kejriwal has unveiled the lockdown 3.0 on Sunday. Delhi will run on this formula for the next 14 days from Monday. Arvind Kejriwal admitted that Delhi is ready to open the lock-down. But the central government has put the entire Delhi in the red zone. In such a situation, all the activities which the central government has allowed to start will start in Delhi from Monday.

Amid the Corona crisis, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced today (03 May) that the central government has extended the lockdown for 2 weeks. The entire Delhi is in the Red Zone, we are going to give all the discounts that the Central Government has given in Delhi. He said that from tomorrow all the government offices are going to be opened, the government offices related to essential services will have 100% attendance, all the private offices of Delhi will be open from tomorrow but they will work with only 33% staff.

CM Kejriwal said that in such government offices which are not related to essential services, 100% staff will come to the deputy secretary level, 33% staff will come down to this level, from tomorrow all the private offices of Delhi will open but only 33% of the staff Will work together

On this occasion, he spoke in detail about the services which are being started in Delhi. At the same time, they also gave information about them, which will be banned. However, any activity in the containment zone will not be allowed during this period.

Services running:

  • All government offices will open from Monday, 100 percent of people will come to the offices with essential services, in other government offices 100 percent staff will be above the deputy officer and 33 percent below it.
  • All manufacturing units manufacturing pharma companies and other essentials will remain open.
    Units of packaging material will remain open.
  • Only goods in need are allowed in the e-commerce activity.
  • All companies related to financial sectors and the agriculture sector will remain open.
  • Allowed to go with the driver from the car, three people, and one person from the bike.
  • 50 people will be allowed to go to the wedding and 20 people will be allowed on the last journey.
  • Technicians, plumber, scavengers, washermen, laundry, and people working at home will be at work.
  • IT companies will open. Call centers, data centers, cold storage will open.
  • Industrial Area. Construction activities will go on, but workers will have to make arrangements to stop at the construction site.

Closed services:

  • All malls, market complexes, and big markets will remain closed.
  • All educational institutions including schools, colleges, and coaching will remain closed.
  • All other public transport including trains, metros, buses will remain closed.
  • The hotel and restaurant will be closed.
  • The salon and spa will remain closed.
  • The cinema hall, sports complex will remain closed.
  • Social, religious, and political activities will not work.
  • Elders above 65 years, children above 10 years and pregnant women are not allowed outside the home.
  • It is possible to leave the house if it is very important from seven in the evening to seven in the morning.

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